Paper craft and champagne-cap magnets

I am hooning through my UFO pile, just to let you know.

I made my paper bunting, as seen here in the bunting post, as well as this origami crane mobile:

Which I made from prunings from the garden, fishing wire, some $1 paper from the reject table on the craft shop and the St Valentine’s Day downloadable paper from these guys.

Now I’m onto the magnets. See, I had a huge collection of pretty champagne caps and I decided I really had to do something with them. Fridge magnets seemed appropriate.

I didn’t want to straight-up glue the magnets straight into the caps, but rather fill them in with something, so that those sharp edges wouldn’t hurt anyone’s fingers. I considered resin but a) had trouble finding any and b) plaster was pointed out by a shop assistant (who was probably just happy to have a sale in her empty arts & crafts shop) as a cheap and cheerful solution to my problem, without any nasty fumes.

I tested a couple, filling one with plaster completely (right), for future gluing to the magnet, and actually setting the magnet in the plaster (left).

Amazingly, it turns out that the magnets I bought are only magnetic on one side!!!!!  The side with the divet is not magnetic!!! What the hell!?!?! Anyway, I decided that gluing was better.

I remembered that I hate the feeling of plaster on your fingers, so when I glued the magnets on, I spread the superglue all over the plaster to sort of seal it.

I think they’re nice 🙂

(click on the pic for a bigger view)

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2 Responses to Paper craft and champagne-cap magnets

  1. Prue says:

    Oh Lisa, they look great!

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