I hate the internet some days; or, How the hell do you shell sunflower seeds?

There are days when I hate the internet. But it’s not it, it’s me. I want more from it than I should.

See, it promised me that I would be able to grow, and then harvest, and cook with and enjoy, my own sunflower seeds. So I grew the sunflowers:

I dried and harvested the seeds (which was a pain in the ASS, btw):

And then I did what the internet said, which was to bash the seeds around in my food processor to loosen the skins, then just soak them for a bit and the skins will come right off and float to the top.

Yes, that’s right.

The seeds are floating. In the water that they’re supposed to sink into, which their SKINS are supposed to be floating to the top of.

I have no idea what to do now. But I am very disappointed in you, internet. Go away and think about what you’ve done.



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