Ilona Staller

It seems that lately the only time I go to cool new places is with my work. We were invited this week to lunch at a new place in Balaclava, Ilona Staller on Carlisle Street, and I just need to gush for a bit.

I can’t actually show you any pictures of my main meal because it looked so bloody fantastic that I had to put it in my face. And once I started, there was no way I was stopping to take photos. So here are some of the decor and then of the desserts 🙂

Please note the flamingo statues!

And the embroidered rooster!!

I had the lemon meringue tart, as you can see, and my companions had the
panna cotta:

The staff informed us that it’s all women in the kitchen, which I thought sounded rare and good. It’s found in a newly done-up Art Deco building and it’s owned by the same people who run Cicciolina in St Kilda (both restaurants are named after a Hungarian showgirl/politician/porn star — Ilona Staller is her real name and Cicciolina, which apparently means “cuddles”, was her stage name).

The dish I ate too quickly to photograph was spaghetti with mixed seafood, which was honestly one of the best pasta dishes I have ever been served in a restaurant. The seafood was super-fresh and it wasn’t overcooked (something that constantly disappoints and plagues me in pasta dishes in restaurants) and the pasta was actually cooked properly.

It was just perfect. I think I’m going to dream about that pasta.

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