Bundt pan

So, about a month ago, I was on my lunchtime walk at work, and I passed a little old man walking towards the heap of broken and discarded crap that lives in front of the apartment block next to my office. He was carrying a gorgeous bundt tin; which he apparently then dumped on the crap pile and buggered off, since I discovered it there on my way back. But his loss was my shiny, shiny gain.

I used it for the first time the other night (I never use anything right away; somehow I always like to sort of have things for a bit before I try them out) and I think I know why Mr Man threw it away.

It makes penis cakes.

It is a little smaller than a normal bundt tin, so I unknowingly put in too much mixture. Said mixture escaped out through the hole in the centre as the cake rose and made an accidentally rude cake. Oh my!

The cake also stuck to the pan, even though I floured it very carefully, so it didn’t exactly come out neatly:

I had made some cake bunting to decorate it with but decided that it wasn’t worthy of it. The bunting shall have to wait until I make a better one…

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