Ukulele lady

I have just tuned my new ukulele.

I am queen of the world.

See, I’ve always wanted to learn to play the ukulele, and I’ve always wanted a ukulele with hibiscus flowers on it, whether I learn to play or not. Up until this point, I’ve just never found “the one” and certainly not for the bargain-basement price I paid ($30! New!).

Then yesterday, I get this splitting headache at work. I head down to the chemist to get some panadol, and pass the local music shop, and what should they have in their latest window display but cute ukuleles???????

I’m not supposed to be buying frivolous things, since we’re saving for renovations. So I just keep on walking and buy my panadol, telling myself all the while “don’t go in don’t do in don’t go in don’t go in”.  I get back to the office and sit at my desk, thinking about nothing but hibiscus-covered ukuleles. It all becomes too much and I head back out, having decided I was being stupid, considering I’d wanted one for years and that I’ll spend more on a book (not that I’m currently buying books either, but still).

I worked from home today and, still feeling a bit shit, tried desperately to concentrate while the ukulele sat next to me all day, singing its siren song. Showing what I consider the restraint of a saint, I didn’t touch it until I had finished everything I had to for work.

Once I’d tuned it, I had to celebrate with a suitably tropical drink.

Expect a new post once I can actually play something. For instance:

PS check out these people’s ukuleles. For example:

When I win the lotto, I am ordering several of these. Including the cupcake.

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