Help me pick a label

I mentioned here that I need to make some pretty labels for my new plants. I do this because the labels that plants come with are always ugly and horrible (and don’t match each other) and because they have the care instructions on them — I don’t want to leave those outside where possums could make off with them, or the wind could blow them away. I guess I also feel like they are a “welcome to the garden” present to new plants.

I wait until I have a whole A4 sheet’s worth, then just print them out, cover them in contact and sticky-tape them to a paddle-pop stick. I know that eventually the wooden sticks will degrade and need to be replaced, but I like them better than metal or plastic ones. I also quickly learnt to be very careful with sticking the contact down good and hard, particularly with all the rain and humidity we’ve had, or the labels start growing mould — for instance:

Anyway, I need help deciding which I should use for my pineapple mint — I found too many cute pineapple pictures on the internet and got all enthusiastic — which would you pick?

Voting starts now 🙂
(Click on them for a bigger view)
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