Sage, rosemary and thyme (no parsley – I had some already)

Since the renovations are allegedly starting in a few months, I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any new plants. I’ve been putting nearly everything in pots so that they could be moved out of harm’s way, once building starts, but I have SO MANY pots now that I had to say “enough”.

But I couldn’t resist this weekend. The farmer’s market and the open garden I went to just had too many awesome plants. I repotted them tonight.

Purple sage and pink rosemary — it’s like a Mardi Gras in my garden and everyone’s invited!

Italian spicy thyme – that sounds like a party in a pot!

And I didn’t have this mint. I needed it for my collection. Sure, I already have apple mint, chocolate mint, peppermint, spearmint, common mint, Moroccan mint, ginger mint, lemon mint, basil mint and lemon balm (which is technically a mint) – but it’s not a collection if you don’t have way too many of something  🙂

Now I just need to make some nice labels for them, like I have with the rest of them — for instance:

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