Why resist?

As I mentioned last month, I find it hard to resist pretty food. This is really just an extension of my love affair with food generally, and nice things generally: when their powers combine, they exert an irresistible force over me. As with the case last month, my hunt for particular hard-to-find ingredients led me to a very dangerous shop — the Mediterranean Wholesalers in Brunswick. Normally, I don’t go so far just to visit one shop (it’s over an hour to get there by car from our place, longer by public transport), but I was in the city for a business meeting and it seemed the perfect opportunity.

Anyway, they didn’t have the ingredients that I was looking for (I’ve given up on them) but they did have these nice things that somehow came home with me:

They have not one but TWO whole aisles of different kinds of pasta, including these:

A whole heap of nice-coloured tins with pretty girls on them:

I wouldn’t have just bought them for the colours and the girls, btw; Italian tinned tuna is waaaay better than tinned tuna designed for the Australian market. The Italian stuff is usually in one big chunk, rather than the cardboard-textured stuff that looks like it’s been through the blender that we get.

I also got some risotto mix (with chicory!!! weird!!!) that will become my lunch; some cannoli shells (I swear that you used to be able to find these heaps of places, but lately I can’t find them anywhere), some passata, some anchovi-stuffed olives (again, with a pretty girl on the tin) and some arancini balls that we ate for dinner. The only mildly silly thing I got was this:

Mustard clementines. I was so happy to find anything clementine-y, I couldn’t resist (candied clementines were on my list; you can’t find them in Melbourne right now for love or money). I’ll crack them open next time I do a cheese platter, I guess.

Then I went to the nice fruit shop near me, and they had not only comically large zucchini, but teeny tiny pears and plumcots (that’s right, they’re a plum-apricot hybrid):

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