Purple sponge cake fail — follow up

After the purple sponge cake fiasco, I wrote to the company, letting them know that you can’t possibly use their flour as a replacement to wheat flour, and that they should change their labels. They wrote back back to me, saying that I was absolutely right and they would change them!

They also sent me these, to make up for it:

It’s raw chocolate (which I think is overrated but will eat nonetheless) and a jar of their very thick coconut oil. I had actually been considering trying coconut oil out; it’s the latest fat that people are going on about because it has all sorts of health benefits as well as a high smoking point, which means that you can heat it up to very high temperatures and it won’t start creating free radicals or introduce a burst taste to your food (its smoking point is about 232 degrees compared to olive oil, which can be as low as 190 or as high as 242, depending on the oil).

I’ve been worried, though, that there would be a coconut flavour imparted (nothing like coconut-flavoured schnitzel … mmm, yum) so I’ll try it out next time I fry something that can cope with ending up coconut-flavoured; stay tuned.

I asked them what to do with the rest of the flour that was left; they said to try it in pancakes. So again, stay tuned.

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