Lime… interrupted

My citrus trees are all less than a few years old but they had been doing so well that they all needed to be moved into bigger pots recently. They were growing so fast that I decided this year, I’d let them set fruit (I’ve been picking the flowerbuds off before this).

Then the gall wasp bumps turned up in the Tahitian lime. And spread quickly. First, I hesitated about chopping them out because my grandmother said that it was all a bunch of crap; then I was going to wait until autumn to chop them all out. But I came home on Friday to find that the lime tree’s newer shoots were all infested with aphids — for example:

So I chopped all the infected branches off. It was heartbreaking.  I didn’t want it to go to waste, though, so I put the longer branches in a jug:

And I boiled the rest to make a tisane thing.

The other lime tree and the orange seem ok but the two lemons are in the backyard and I haven’t gone to look at them yet. I’m a bit reluctant to check them now… it would be too horrible to have to strip off more than one tree 😦


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2 Responses to Lime… interrupted

  1. Prue says:

    wow that is more than a trim. I’m cautious when it comes to gall wasp but only prune the branches off if they are up the end. Hope he grows back strong and healthy. My lime is wilting at the moment, well the new growth is! Too much sun for him.

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