Purple sponge cake fail

Because I love to try new things, when I spotted this in the organic shop:

I had to buy it. And despite the fact that I know that wheat flour has a certain properties, and that the grind of flour is important, I still believed them when they said “just go ahead and use it like you would wheat flour”. And despite the fact that I knew that sponge cake is very finnicky, that’s what I decided to make.

It looked promising, and a nice purple colour, but I suspected that it would go brown when baked (again, in spite of promises that it would lend an “exotic” hue to my dish).

It was a disaster. It just wouldn’t dry out or set, despite pretending otherwise. I tried cooking it for twice as long as I should have and in the end, only the outside cooked properly while the inside went hard with a smooshy layer around it. Which I ditched (it was mutual).


Luckily, I was making lamingtons. Which turned out fine:

Those really small ones were my born out of my determination to ice and coconut even the smallest bits of cake that I could salvage. Since it should have made at least twice as many, there was a bit too much icing leftover; boohoo, I had to make coconutty chocolates out of it:

And at least the washing up was pretty:

UPDATE: Apparently this is one of my most popular posts. Please comment and tell me what you were looking for, and if you found this helpful!

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