Spammers are worried for my vaginal health

Today may or may not be a great day in my blogging career.

I have attracted my first spam comment.

Which, good as its word, wordpress recognised as spam and isolated for me; but I couldn’t help having a look (and while I don’t need any free v!agra, I know a guy who knows a guy who might). It did not offer me ways to have my woman writhing, or even cheap Ro!exes, but started thus:


Are you on the lookout for data on the right way to eliminate a yeast infection?”

If I didn’t know that these things are random, I do confess that right now, I would most likely be combing my entries to see what exactly lead to the interwebs assuming I was suffering in that department. Perhaps it thinks that I eat too much sugar (there may be some truth to that)? Or do I strike it as a woman who wears polyester underwear? If it’s the latter, fuck you, internet.

But it’s the “Yo!” that strikes me as the funniest part. So I’ve decided that from now on, whenever someone, in a hushed, embarrassed voice, wants to discuss an issue “down there”, that is going to be my first response.

If I remember.


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