When you google the word “surfing”, all the results on the first page are about “real” surfing. I’m not interested in “real” surfing, I like internet surfing. And you’d think google would too, but apparently not; or maybe no one ever googles web surfing, they just DO it.

Either way, everything interesting that happened to me today had to do with surfing. For instance, did you know that early hunter-gatherer societies did NOT spend every spare minute searching for food, as was previous believed, but that modern research points to them actually having a whole shitload of  leisure time? It’s believed that they only “worked” about 2.5 days a week, spending the rest of their time horsing around.

You know what this means, don’t you? We are ALL IDIOTS.


Though not as huge idiots as the South Koreans, who apparently have only just embraced the 5-day week, after previously working a 55-hour week over six days.  Complaining is Western decadence…

I also found out the reason why “Rabbit Heart” and “You’ve Got The Love” are so different from the rest of the songs on Florence and the Machine’s Lungs (one’s a cover, and she wrote the other because the studio said that the album was waaaay too dark).

Other things I liked on the internet today included:

This recipe for chocolate biscotti (which I plan to make and then post pictures of):

The idea of being able to crochet these mushroom ornaments (after I learn to crochet, something that’s still on my list — I bought a book and everything):

These pictures of the concept art for the “three brothers” sequence from the first Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie:

These thermoses (I’ve decided I need one):

These bird-shaped alarm clocks (mine is annoying and just a tiny smidge broken):

And, finally, the trailor to yet another Natalie Portman movie that I want to see (even thought it looks like her role is “minor part given to the love interest in a blokefest”):

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