A dinner of leftovers. Delicious, delicious leftovers

I had it all planned out. I went to the greengrocer’s at lunchtime and bought a bunch of veggies. I was either making a lovely fresh soup or a gorgeous stir fry for dinner. I got home, started cleaning the kitchen and then next thing I knew, I’d flopped onto the couch, exhausted, and turned on an old Gene Kelly and Rita Rayworth movie that our telly taped for me (it knows what I like).

There was singing and dancing, and frankly, it seemed much more important to watch that, and make a new links page for my blog, than to make dinner. Fortunately, my man came home at that point and concurred (he couldn’t face food preparation either); so we had a delicious, delicious dinner of leftovers instead.

This was a soup from my new meat cooking book. I made a massive batch about a month ago and it’s been feeding us whenever we’ve felt lazy since.

Dessert came out of the fridge, leftover from Saturday night:

It was a ricotta cheesecake from my new Italian cookbook and it was awesome.

Leftovers rock.

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