Why do they make them so pretty???

I’m a sucker for beautifully designed packaging (especially if you can reuse it), and I also find it very hard to resist really delicious food. Shopping in gourmet food stores is therefore quite dangerous for me, but I was searching for a couple of rare ingredients yesterday (glaced citron and angelica) so I had to risk it.

I didn’t actually end up being able to find either (I did give up after three places and decided to substitute); but I did snap some shots of some absolutely gorgeous products that I am very proud of myself for resisting:

I mean, there are fricking geese, man. And a little girl with an apron and a head-dress pulling around a cart with a baby in it.

And this one has gnomes telling me to eat well. Luckily I had little need for anchovies…

I did buy just one of these, however:

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