Back to work

Had to go back to work today. The garden seems to have planned a lovely send-off for me, in the shape of the sunflowers opening for the first time:

When I got home the garden had another surprise for me; dog poo in the backyard. We do not have a dog, and the back garden is closed off, leading me to decide that either: a) my man has taken to pooing in the back garden (he denied it when he got home); b) we left the gate open, or; c) The neighbour’s dog has worked out how to work the handle. I sort of hope it’s c).

It’s tomato season in the garden and yesterday I noticed that 14 had ripened over the last few days — much too many to just leave on the vine and assume I’d eat them eventually:

So I made a lovely fresh tomato sauce last night, with plenty of garlic and herbs from the garden. I had it over pasta for my lunch today and the whole office was jealous.

Unfortunately, tonight’s tomato pickings weren’t as satisfactory; there’s been so much rain, a heap of them have split:

Annoyingly, those yellow teardrop ones were supposed to taste like awesome but instead they taste like floury nothing. I probably shouldn’t be too sad that they’re a bit ruined, but I still am. Poor little things!

However, I am not going to even suggest complaint about too much rain considering that we’re not in Queensland right now (if you don’t know what I’m talking about — A friend of mine spent all day answering emergency phones for the Red Cross — I couldn’t have done it (I would have spent most of the day crying, I think). But I did put pretty wrapping paper on the boxes that my work is using for donations.

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6 Responses to Back to work

  1. Prue says:

    Yay sunflowers and tomato sauce of tastyiness. Boo to the rain (here and in poor QLD), crappy tomatoes of yellowness and to wierd over-fence-flying dog poo! My tomatoes are all officially dead now, which means time to move onto a new crop or something. Sweet corn is at the ready to go in … did you end up ditching the squash and planting something in its place?

  2. I left the squash in, just in case, like its cousins the zucchini, it needs to be a bit bigger to perform properly – but I was given a sweet corn seedling by a friend who had too many, so it will be going in with the watermelon 🙂

  3. Prue says:

    good luck pollinating a single corn seedling! (It might work, I had about 8 in and hand pollinated them all, worked a treat)

  4. Oh no! Do I need more than one plant?? I never heard that!

  5. Damon says:

    Your forgot points d) and e) re: dog poo:

    d) No dogs got into the yard. The poo was there because your (pervy) neighbours thre it over the fence.

    e) It wasn’t dog poo (or Jason poo) at all. It was very large cat poo. Our cat does very large poo. He may, in fact, be a tiger.

  6. But Damon – why would the neighbours throw poo over the fence, when they can just step over our broken side fence, open the gate and poo there themselves in comfort, and not have to handle their own feces?

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